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New research shows that pets are making us healthier. How could this knowledge affect the role of veterinarians? More than you might think.

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How can The Pet Effect help my practice?

Improve Perceptions of Your Practice
Research shows that top performing practices (those with greater than 10% year-over-year growth) put more stock in improving the bond between pet owners and their pets than they do in improving the bond between the practice and pet owners.3 We’ve also learned that pet owners would have a more favorable perception of their veterinarian if they displayed The Pet Effect materials in their practices.4

Improve the Perceived Value of Checkups
As you know, pet owners often wait until something is wrong with their pet to visit your office. When pet owners understand that their pet’s health may be intrinsically linked to their own, they may be more encouraged to bring their pets into your office for important regular checkups.5

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More than pet health

If pets are making people healthier, what does this mean for those who care for pets’ health? It means that veterinarians and other pet health professionals become an integral part of human health conversations as well.

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Who is behind The Pet Effect campaign?

The Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) and Zoetis Petcare have teamed up to raise public awareness of this important research. We believe that these facts can make positive changes in the way pets are perceived by their owners, policymakers, and human-health professionals. Significant time, resources and energy have already gone into understanding and promoting The Pet Effect. And this is just the beginning.


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