The Woofice

The Woofice

Recent scientific research has shown that having pets in the office improves collaboration, productivity, and alleviates stress.1 Watch our fun take on how a pet-friendly policy benefitted this company’s culture!

The benefits of a Woofice

Experience The Pet Effect at work.
man and dog playing fetch with a ball

Better work-life balance.

91% of people in pet-friendly plus offices* feel their company promotes good work-life balance vs. just 58% of people in non-pet-friendly offices.1

Better collaboration.

People at pet-friendly plus offices* are 3X more likely to experience positive working relationships with supervisors and co-workers.1

Workers and dog huddled around woman at desk
Man with cat on his shoulder working on laptop in hammock

Happier and more productive.

91% of people in pet-friendly plus offices* feel more fully engaged with their work vs. 65% in non-pet friendly offices.1

*Pet-friendly plus is a level of pet inclusivity in offices. Learn more.

Turn your office into a Woofice

Insights from Naomi, VP of HR

Employee satisfaction and morale are at the top of most HR minds, and now scientific research has shown that pet-inclusive policies can help.2 Check out Naomi’s top tips to help turn your office into a Woofice.


[1] HABRI. (2018). “The Impact of Pets: At Work and Beyond.”

[2] Barker, R. T. (2005). “On the edge or not? Opportunities for interdisciplinary scholars in business communication to focus on the individual and organizational benefits of companion animals in the workplace.” Journal of Business Communication, 42(3), 299-315.


The Pet Effect is Real

Learn more about the positive effects pets have on our health and well-being.

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