Man in office chair throwing ball to dog

Better Work-Life Balance

91% of people in pet-friendly plus offices* feel their company promotes good work-life balance vs. just 58% of people in non-pet-friendly offices.2

Better Collaboration

People at pet-friendly plus offices* are 3x more likely to experience positive working relationships with supervisors and co-workers.2

Office workers and dog gathering around a computer monitor
Woman working on a laptop with her cat

Happier and More Productive

91% of people in pet-friendly plus offices* feel more fully engaged with their work vs. 65% in non-pet friendly offices.2

*Pet-friendly plus is a level of pet inclusivity in offices.

Woofice Starter Kit

Start a Pet-Inclusive Workspace with the Woofice Starter Kit

Get everything you need to negotiate a merger between pets and people at your office.

  • A sample letter to start the conversation with management, along with useful posters, fun gifs, and more.
  • HR-friendly Handbook to help them understand the benefits and outline a pet-inclusive office policy.
  • A vet checklist to ensure your pet can be in an office safely.


  2. Nationwide-HABRI Survey. (2018). Workplace Wellness Survey.