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Your Pet's Health

Pets are always there for us – so it’s only fair that we’re always there for them, too. That’s why our team of pet-lovers, scientists, veterinarians, and more, have dedicated over 70 years to advancing pet health. Our products are so trusted and effective, they’re in almost every vet practice in the country.

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Innovators at Heart

We’ve innovated many firsts in animal health and our team continues to research and develop new and better ways to help pets live their best lives. Our range of medicines, treatments, and diagnostics are designed to help you and your vet actively prevent diseases, manage skin conditions, treat infections, reduce pain, minimize anxiety, and much more.

By actively using our range of health products, you can rest easy that your pet is protected no matter what.

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Supporting You

While we continue to seek out new and better ways to help pets live long, healthy lives, we think it’s equally important that you’ve got the tools you need.


While we haven’t quite invented a bark-meow-translator (yet!), our dedicated in-house team is constantly sharing vet-approved pet care guidance and at-home tips – all to help you to be the best pet parent ever.

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For as much as we love them, giving our pets the care they deserve requires a comprehensive approach. So we created Zoetis Petcare Rewards to help you give your pet the best life possible.

As a member, you can earn Rewards to help pay for your pet’s vet care. We also provide personalized, vet-approved support, and send reminders about your pet’s medication or refill.

Check out our latest Rewards offers, and if you’re not a member, sign-up to access all of the benefits!

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The Pet Community

Helping Pets and Those That Care for Them

Pets give us so much. That’s why we’re committed not only to their health, but to those that love and care for them. We partner and support a variety of initiatives dedicated to the greater pet community; from the shelters that help them find homes, to the vets that dedicate themselves to their wellbeing, to the parents that make them part of a loving family.

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