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Hot Weather Fun with Your Pets

Hot Weather Fun with Your Pets

The summer brings warmer weather and longer days, which means spending more time outside. Here's a list of fun summer activities to enjoy with your pets in the sunshine (or inside when you need to stay cool on those hot summer days).

Hot weather outdoor activities

Pup pool. Cannonball! A dip in the pool is always a great way to cool off on a hot day. Fill up a plastic kiddie pool to create a pup pool for your dogs. You can add some ice and water toys to keep them refreshed and entertained. Bonus tip: Get the hose or sprinkler flowing and watch your pup have some fun trying to catch the water stream!

Frozen goodies. There’s nothing better than a frozen treat in the summer. Get fruity and freeze fresh strawberries, seedless watermelon, or add some blueberries to ice cube trays to share with your pets. To hit those savory notes, freeze chicken broth for a delicious, melt in your mouth treat for your four-legged friends.

Sunset walks. Want to go for a walk? The words every pet hopes to hear. Hit the pavement with your pets for a sunset walk, complete with a cotton candy backdrop and a summer breeze. Dawn and dusk hours have cooler temperatures during the summer months which can help prevent your pets from possibly overheating. Despite the slightly cooler temperatures, it’s important to bring water for your pets and keep them hydrated along the way.

Too hot to play outside

Treat hide-and-seek. When it’s too hot for your pets outdoors, an indoor game of treat hide-and-seek is a great way to keep them active. Simply hide different treats throughout your home and watch as your pet sniffs them out for hours of fun.

Cardboard cat castle. Have you ever bought a toy for your cat only to have them play with the box instead? Save yourself the $$ and make the box into the toy. Build a cat castle with cardboard boxes for your cat to explore and play in. Get creative and add multiple levels and entrances for your cat’s in-home hangout and stay cool inside on those hot summer days.

Pamper your pets all summer long with these activities. Remember, it is important to always make sure your pets are getting enough water and time to cool off when spending time outside in the summer heat.


Dr. Sam Gilbert, VMD

Sam Gilbert, VMD

Raised in Northern Virginia, Dr. Sam Gilbert received both his BSE and VMD degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Gilbert completed a one-year small animal internship and additional surgical training before relocating to New Jersey for roles in the medical device and animal health industries. Dr. Gilbert currently serves as the Zoetis Petcare HQ Medical Lead for pet owner directed initiatives in dermatology and cross-portfolio therapeutic areas. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and cat.