Let’s face it — our veterinarians and their dedicated team members routinely give their all to take care of our pets (and us). But inevitably, there’s a time when they go above and beyond to help us through a particularly scary or difficult situation with our pets. We rely on them for their medical knowledge, experience, and gut instinct. If that’s not enough, we also need their emotional support, not only for ourselves and our human family, but also for our dogs and cats. They’re the ones we count on to give our furry family members love and comfort whether it’s during a simple checkup or during extended stays at the hospital. We rest a bit easier knowing our pets are in their care. 

How can we show our appreciation for all they do? Here are a few ideas on how to say “thank you” to your veterinary staff. 

Say it with words. Take a few minutes to tell them how they’ve supported you and your pet in tough times. Write a note. Send an email. Give them a call. It’s one they won’t expect, but they’ll be glad they picked up the phone.

Tell the whole world. Post a glowing review on their website, your neighborhood message boards, Google Maps, Yelp, or your veterinary clinic’s social media channels. This allows other people to share in the wonderful experience you had, may prompt other clients to post their own positive reviews, and could even bring in a new client for your veterinarian.

Refer a friend. All businesses appreciate positive word-of-mouth and referrals, and your friends will appreciate a veterinarian they can trust.

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Send a little something. A basket of goodies, a pet-safe plant for the reception area, or even a framed photo of your furry family are wonderful ways to say thanks. Take a look around the clinic to see what they like. And don’t forget about any office pets they may keep at the clinic — they’d love a little something special too.

Pay it forward. Your veterinarian probably supports a charity, pet rescue, educational organization, or animal health and wellness program. In fact, they’re likely to post about it on their social channels or website. Why not make a small donation in their honor? Not only are you doing something nice for your veterinarian, but also the organization receiving the donation. It’s a win-win. 

Be the best client you can be. By far, the simplest way we can support our veterinary team is to make their job as easy as possible. Schedule appointments in advance, show up on time, keep clear records of any information you need to share with them, and most of all, care for your pet in a way that would make them proud.

Being a veterinarian, veterinary nurse/technician, lab assistant, receptionist, and every other role in a veterinary clinic isn’t just hard — it’s emotionally draining, physically exhausting work. In today’s world, people are always quick to share a negative experience. But those in a challenging line of work need our support and appreciation. Why not show your gratitude for everything your veterinarian and their staff do for so many pets, day in and day out? It doesn’t matter how you do it, or how big or small the sentiment is; it will be treasured.


Sam Gilbert, VMD

Raised in Northern Virginia, Dr. Sam Gilbert received both his BSE and VMD degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Gilbert completed a one-year small animal internship and additional surgical training before relocating to New Jersey for roles in the medical device and animal health industries. Dr. Gilbert currently serves as the Zoetis Petcare HQ Medical Lead for pet owner directed initiatives in dermatology and cross-portfolio therapeutic areas. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and cat.