A bouncing little dog is adorable. But a leaping full-grown dog that slobbers all over you and your favorite shirt? That can be annoying. If your dog loves to say hi by jumping on people, here are some ways to bring them back down to earth.

Why Do Dogs Jump on People?

Young dogs often jump because they’re so happy to see you and they want to get up close and personal. Adult dogs jump for the same reason — and because they’ve likely learned it as a puppy. The reason they keep jumping is because they get attention for doing so (even if it’s negative attention, it’s still attention in your dog’s book).

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How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping on People

If your dog has too much spring in their step (especially towards strangers or visitors), take a look at these tips.

  • Ignorance Is Bliss
    Whenever your dog starts their trampoline routine, do nothing. Don’t touch them. Don’t talk to them. Don’t scold them. Don’t even look at them (no matter how cute they are).
  • Good Behavior Deserves a Reward
    As soon as your dog’s butt hits the floor, it’s time to break out the praise and treats. This lets your dog know that the best way to get what they want (your attention and affection) is to not go vertical.
  • Teach Them the Magic Word
    There’s one exception when it comes to ignoring your dog. Once they know how to “sit,” you can give the command when they jump (or even better, before they go airborne). As soon as they sit, it’s treat time.
  • Knock Knock, Who’s There?
    If guests are on their way and your dog hasn’t quite mastered the art of the sit, don’t worry. You can leash or crate your dog until they’re calm and ready.
  • Lend a Hand
    Dogs are often more responsive to hand signals than verbal commands. Pair your dog’s “sit” command with a simple hand signal (like a closed fist) that you can use to stop their jumping without having to give them the attention they’re craving.

Lastly, there are a few “don’ts” when it comes to training your dog to stop jumping on people. Avoid punishing your dog — this will just make them more anxious and even confuse them, as jumping is a natural behavior.


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