How are Apoquel® (oclacitinib tablet) and Apoquel® Chewable (oclacitinib chewable tablet) Different From Other Treatments

You may have tried other treatments to relieve your dog’s allergic itch. Getting your dog the right treatment early on can help bring them comfort faster and avoid the costs associated with treatments that just don’t do the trick.

Learn how Apoquel is different from other treatments.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: See full Apoquel Tablet and Apoquel Chewable Prescribing Information. Do not use Apoquel or Apoquel Chewable in dogs less than 12 months of age or those with serious infections. Apoquel and Apoquel Chewable may increase the chances of developing serious infections, and may cause existing parasitic skin infestations or pre- existing cancers to get worse. Consider the risks and benefits of treatment in dogs with a history of recurrence of these conditions. New neoplastic conditions (benign and malignant) were observed in clinical studies and post- approval. Apoquel and Apoquel Chewable have not been tested in dogs receiving some medications including some commonly used to treat skin conditions such as corticosteroids and cyclosporines. Do not use in breeding, pregnant, or lactating dogs. Most common side effects are vomiting and diarrhea. Apoquel and Apoquel Chewable have been used safely with many common medications including parasiticides, antibiotics and vaccines.

INDICATIONS: Control of pruritus (itching) associated with allergic dermatitis and control of atopic dermatitis in dogs at least 12 months of age.


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