Hear From Pet Owners

Since taking Librela, Moss’s owner has seen big improvements.

"We went from throwing a ball or frisbee to having to get a ramp so he could get in the car. He can walk around, socialize, get up and down without looking like he’s in pain. That’s what it’s all about."

After Librela, Paris’s owners are excited to have their dog back to play.

"The improvement in Paris's condition has been nothing short of miraculous. Paris not only walks again, but she runs up and down the stairs. She’s playful and energetic."

See what Fern’s owner said about her progress with Librela.

"It’s an amazing difference for her and us, especially for the first 2 weeks after the first injection; she was so much better!"

Because of Librela, Dempsey's owner is seeing him experience more days of play.

"Dempsey used to tire after 1 mile. We’re having to stop him at 1.5 miles now to stay within the recovery plan. He’s also beginning to ask to fetch again!"

Hear From Vets

See what veterinarian Dr. Jerrod Johnson has to say about his patient Sissy’s treatment success with Librela.​

"Sissy is here today 100% because of Librela. She’s gone from being one of those dogs that was very slow, laying around, not doing a whole lot to constantly being underfoot, running around, and being super active. Prior to Librela, she was on other therapies. She was on NSAIDs, other adjunctive therapies; but with Librela, she finally got better."

Jerrod Johnson DVM, DABVP (canine/feline), CVPP; Partner and Managing DVM for NVA Gateway Veterinary Management Group

Check out what Boston Veterinary Clinic thinks of Librela.

"We now have another powerful tool to make patient care even better!"

Brian Bourquin DVM, Boston Veterinary Clinic

See the experience Ridgeview Animal Hospital has using Librela in their clinic.

"Librela is a feel-good for the patient, client, and staff. The client feedback has blown us away and made us proud to be able to offer a new treatment option to improve quality of life for our patients."

Joey Gaines DVM, Ridgeview Animal Hospital

Hear From Our Experts

Preparing for Your Vet Visit

Paying attention to your dog’s physical and emotional behaviors before your appointment can help your vet appointment run smoothly. Take notes or videos of the following:

  • How your dog is acting
  • If they have trouble playing, jumping, or climbing stairs
  • How their behaviors have changed over time

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: See full Prescribing Information. For use in dogs only. Women who are pregnant, trying to conceive or breastfeeding should take extreme care to avoid self-injection. Hypersensitivity reactions, including anaphylaxis, could potentially occur with self-injection. Librela should not be used in breeding, pregnant or lactating dogs. Librela should not be administered to dogs with known hypersensitivity to bedinvetmab. The most common adverse events reported in a clinical study were urinary tract infections, bacterial skin infections and dermatitis.