Wondering what to get for your dog’s Christmas or birthday present? Finding that perfect dog gift shouldn’t be a chore. Luckily, most dogs love anything new, but it’s fun to find something special that hasn’t been gifted before. Below are some favorite gift ideas for dogs, with options for pups ranging from couch potato to treat connoisseur, fashionista, and even the energetic adventure-seeker.

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Subscription Boxes: The Gift That Lasts All Year

Make Christmas last all year for your dog, with a monthly delivery of new toys and treats. This is an excellent option for dogs that quickly get tired of new toys or strong chewers that need their stash replenished frequently. Many subscription services allow you to customize based on chew style and diet preferences, so you’ll get toys and treats tailored specifically for your dog’s needs.

Homemade Dog Treats

If you love to bake, try your hand at homemade dog biscuits or treats. There are many dog-friendly recipes available that you can customize based on your dog’s dietary needs. Ensure that all ingredients are dog-safe, taking special care to check that there is no xylitol (a sugar substitute that is extremely toxic to dogs).

If baking just isn’t your thing, you can always buy dog treats at a local pet store. To make these treats an extra special gift, think about different textures and flavor combinations your dog doesn’t normally get. If they usually get crunchy treats, try out some higher-value soft treats, freeze-dried options, or jerky. Pick out a special chew that your dog doesn’t get that often, such as a rawhide alternative. 

A New Dog Bed

Upgrade your dog’s resting place with a new cozy dog bed. For dogs who love to nest, choose a bed with attached blankets, or pick out a hidey-hole style they can curl up in. If your dog goes camping with you, gift them their own dog sleeping bag or travel bed. If your pup is getting up in years, invest in an orthopedic bed to help ease any aching joints.

Dog Puzzles and Interactive Toys

Interactive toys and puzzles are wonderful gifts for all dogs. A workout for the brain, these toys, and puzzles are excellent for senior dogs that can’t be as physically active as they used to be, as well as for mental stimulation for dogs that seem to have endless energy.

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Snuffle Mats

Your dog’s nose deserves a gift! An easy way to make mealtime more fun and enriching for your dog — plus slow down a fast eater — is to scatter their dry food in a snuffle mat. You can make your dog a homemade snuffle mat as their gift or purchase one of the many different premade styles.

Flirt Poles

Flirt poles take playing with your dog to a whole new level! A flirt pole is like a cat wand but made for dogs to chase and catch. They are a great toy for a quick exciting play session in a small space--and can be an exceptional gift for a dog with extra energy to burn.

Sign Up for A Fun Dog Sport or New Class

Give your dog the gift of education (and reap the benefits yourself) by signing up for a fun training class or dog sport to try out. If your pup has already mastered the basic obedience skills, try out a tricks class or check out Rally-O, a dog sport based on obedience. Want to see how well your dog’s nose works? Enroll in a Barn Hunt class or take them to a Truffle Hunting workshop. If your dog is nimble and fast, see how they enjoy agility or parkour.

More Time with You

While presents are great, what your dog really wants is to spend time with you! Treat yourself and your dog to a weekend away at a dog-friendly resort or vacation rental. Explore new hikes or just relax on a beach together. 

Pet Insurance

Emergency care and other unexpected healthcare costs can creep up on you when you least expect it. Having pet insurance can provide you with the peace of mind that you’re able to help cover some or all of the medical costs for your dog. 


Melody R. Conklin, VMD, MBA

Dr. Melody R. Conklin is originally from Youngsville in northwestern Pennsylvania and earned her BS at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park in 2003, where she majored in Animal BioScience and minored in Wildlife and Fisheries Science. She then attended the University of Pennsylvania, earning her VMD in 2007. Dr. Conklin worked in companion animal general practice until 2015 when she joined Zoetis’ Veterinary Medical Information and Product Support department while finishing her MBA at Penn State Great Valley in 2017. Dr. Conklin currently works full-time in a companion animal practice while working with Zoetis US Petcare Medical Affairs in a consultant role. She lives in Sinking Spring, PA with her 4 cats, Vegeta, Fluffzor, Poof, & Butter, and 3 guinea pigs, Pascha, Elena, & Caroline.