Common Signs of Allergic Itch

While an occasional itch is a common occurrence for dogs, frequent scratching — along with things like scooting, excessive chewing or biting, or redness of the skin — are signs of skin conditions that may need medical treatment.

What Causes Allergic Itch in Dogs?

There’s a variety of potential causes for allergic itch – from food or environmental allergies, to fleas or contact allergies. That’s why it’s always best to check with your veterinarian for treatment options.

Prepping For Your Vet Visit

Allergic itch is actually a medical condition that affects many dogs. That’s why working with your vet early on is important, since they’ll be able to prescribe treatment quickly and give your dog much needed relief.

Questions your vet may ask:

  • Does the itching happen often? Is it becoming more regular?
  • On what part of the body does your dog scratch most?
  • Is there a seasonal pattern? How long does it last? Does it last longer than when you first noticed it?
  • Does it happen when your dog goes outdoors?
  • Is it becoming more severe?
  • Does the itch interrupt normal activities like eating, walking outdoors, playing, or sleeping?

More on Allergic Itch

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