Canine Influenza

Having the Flu Isn’t Fun for Dogs Either

Canine influenza virus, known as dog flu, is highly contagious and spreads year-round via coughing, sneezing, or sharing toys & water dishes. This disease has even been known to spread across back yard fence lines. Once an outbreak occurs, its difficult to stop because symptoms aren’t always noticeable.

  • Symptoms are similar to the flu in humans and can include:
    Fever, runny nose, cough and fatigue.

  • In severe cases, dog flu can result in:
    Pneumonia, high fevers, difficulty breathing, and sometimes death. If your dog has the flu, there can be a forced isolation period from daycares and other areas to help limit the spread.

Woman sitting with dog
Woman and boy walking dog


Help Your Dog and Other Dogs Stay Healthy

Bordetella, usually referred to as kennel cough, spreads year-round when dogs are in close contact with each other or are sharing toys & water dishes. Whether they’re staying at a boarding facility, going to the groomer, or at the dog park, all dogs are at risk when in close contact.

  • Symptoms can include:
    Runny nose, sneezing and chest inflammation causing loud, deep coughing.

  • Severe cases of Bordetella can lead to:
    Pneumonia, hospitalization and sometimes death for dogs at risk.