Active dog

Day 1 — Active

Starts Relieving Allergic Dog Itch in 1 Day1

Back on the trail without having to stop and scratch. Woo hoo!

Day 7 — Loving

Pet Owner Quality of Life More Than Doubled in 7 Days2

Enjoying the good times with my best bud. This time the licking is out of affection!

loving dog
Dogs with ball

Week 1 — Energetic

Dogs Experienced Significant Improvement in Allergic Itch in 1 Week — and Pet Owners Benefited, Too2

Think of what that means to dogs who just want to have fun— day after day.


Dogs Experienced Improvement in Mood, Activity, and Sleep2

It's time to curl up and cuddle.

happy dog
content dog


Cytopoint Provides Fast, Effective Relief While Improving Quality of Life3

Wet noses and warm snuggles. What’s better than that?

28 Days — Adoring

That’s When Dogs Saw the Greatest Improvement in Quality of Life2

The days of frustrating itch are over. It’s back to being ourselves again.

Taking a selfie with dog
playful dogs


Owners of Dogs of All Sizes Saw Quality of Life Improve2

Dogs big and small got back to lov’n life once Cytopoint came on board.

4-8 Weeks — Spunky

Of Lasting Allergic Itch Relief

Time to hit the dog park and meet up with our four-legged friends.

dog with frisbee

Cytopoint Success Stories

See how Cytopoint helped dogs with allergic itch get back to enjoying life again!

Continue With Life As It Should Be

Get dosage reminders via email or text so you never have to worry about missing your dog’s next injection.

walking dog

†Repeat administration every 4 to 8 weeks as needed in the individual patient.1


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